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A Review Of The Most Important Digital Media Findings In 2020 . Tip#10
The coronavirus epidemic has drastically raised the level of news consumption in mainstream media across all countries in which we conducted surveys prior to and after the pandemic. Both online and television news sources have experienced substantial increases. Television has emerged as the main source of information for many people, offering temporary relief from the current decline. The consumption of printed newspapers is down as lockdowns weaken physical distribution, possibly leading to an all-digital future. At the same time the use of internet and social media significantly has increased across all countries. WhatsApp saw the largest growth overall, with increases by 10% in certain countries. Nearly half of the people who were surveyed (51%) utilized an open or closed online group to communicate and share data or become part in a local support group.

In all countries, the trust level in the media's coverage of COVID-19 was fairly high as of April of 2020. This is similar to the trust levels of national government officials but is much higher than individual politicians. When it came to COVID-19 information, media trust was two times as high on social networks, messaging services and video platforms than it was for media. From our larger dataset we collected in January, Global fears about misinformation persist. Concerns about misinformation in the world remain high even before the coronavirus outbreak. More than half of our global sample stated that they are concerned about the information is being disseminated online about information. While the domestic political system is the most frequently mentioned source of misinformation in many countries including the United States, those who consider themselves to be right-wing are more likely to blame the media. In certain nations, they are more likely to blame the media. Although Facebook is widely considered to be the most reliable platform for disseminating fake information nearly everywhere, WhatsApp is more responsible in parts the Global South like Brazil or Malaysia.

Our poll in January across all countries found that less than four-in-10 (38%) of the respondents claimed to are most likely to trust the news they read. This is a decline of four percentages from 2019. 46 percent of respondents said they trust the news they read. Particularly, political polarisation and rising uncertainty seem to have undermined trust among public broadcasters. They have lost supporters from both the right wing and left. Our survey shows that 60% of Americans prefer news that isn't influenced by a particular viewpoint and only 28% of them prefer information that supports or reinforces their opinions. While partisanship preferences in the United States have slightly increased since 2013, our survey indicates that the majority of Americans still prefer news that is impartial or shares their views.

A majority of people (52 percent) prefer that news media prominently reported false statements made by politicians, instead of not in any way highlighting them (29%). People are more hesitant to use ads for political causes on search platforms or social media than with those shown on TV. In fact, most people (58%) prefer having platforms that block advertisements that might contain false claims. The United States has seen significant increases in online news payments as evidenced by a 42% increase in Norway (+8) and 20 percent growth in the United States (+4). Other markets have seen lesser rises. It is important for you to be aware that the majority of people in the globe aren't paying for news online. However certain publishers have reported a coronavirus bump'.

The content's uniqueness and quality is what the subscribers consider the most important. Subscribers feel they get better information. However, most are happy with the data they obtain at no cost. We also notice the high proportion of nonsubscribers (40 percent in America and 50% in the UK) and claim that there is nothing they can do to convince them to pay. More payment levels are observed in countries like the United States and Norway in which there is more of a percentage of subscribers. Norway as well as the USA in which a higher percentage of subscriptions go to big national brands, it's about a third and half, respectively. However, in the two countries mentioned above, a substantial percentage of subscribers now have multiple publications and frequently include a specialist or local publication. For radio din judetul Alba a Romanian commercial radio station, they have an agenda that is centered around 60 percent news from various areas and 40% music. The current program lineup concentrates on local news, special shows, and talk shows. These people are interested in news, contests , and interviews However, they also are attracted by cultural programs, debates, entertainment, music.

Four out of 10 (44%) of weekly news reports about a given country are published by local newspapers. We found however that Facebook as well as other social media platforms are now utilized by a third (31%) of local news and information users. This is putting more pressure on companies and their business models. Access to news continues to expand. Nearly 25% of the population prefer to start their news journeys using an app or website. Those aged 18-24 (so-called Generation Z) have an even weaker connection with apps and websites, and are nearly twice as likely to prefer to get news through social media. Instagram has seen an increase in news-sharing across all age groups. It is expected that Instagram will outdo Twitter within the next 12 months.

Publishers have been trying to establish direct connections through mobile alerts as well as email to combat the move to different platforms. The United States has 21 percent of the population who access news-related email each week. This is almost half of the country's primary method of accessing news. Northern European nations are slow to embrace news channels via email. In Finland just 10% of people who utilize email news do it. The number of people using podcasts has grown significantly in the past year, even though coronavirus lockdowns may have temporarily reversed this trend. In all 50 countries, more than half of respondents (50%) said that podcasts provide greater depth and understanding of information over other forms of media. Spotify has overtaken Apple Podcasts as the number one podcast app in many markets.

In the overall picture, nearly seven out of 10 (69 percent) think climate change is a serious problem, but in the United States, Sweden, and Australia a significant minority dispute this. These people tend to be right-leaning and older. The younger groups get most of their climate change information from social media, and also by following activists like Greta Thunberg. Voice-activated smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home continue to grow rapidly. Usage for any purpose is increasing from 14 percent to 19 percent in the UK, between 7% and 12% in Germany, and 9% to 13 percent in South Korea. In spite of all this, we still find that news is used in very small quantities across all markets.
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